Hey there! I'm a graduate software engineer based in Australia & the US!

Oliver Quarm

Junior Software Engineer

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I am a recent graduate student from The University of Melbourne (undertaking a Master of Information Technology), primarily interested in machine learning, web development, and distributed systems. I have written projects in each of these domains, which are all open‐source and available on my GitHub page (olliequ).

I am extremely familiar with command‐line tools, git, vim, UNIX‐like machines, web-development frameworks (React, NextJS, Django) and cloud technologies (AWS, Redis etc.). My strongest programming languages are Python, JavaScript, and C. I thoroughly enjoy designing novel solutions to challenging problems (especially with teams!), as well as learning new technologies and skills.

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2015Graduated from The Alice Smith School (Malaysia) with A-level grades of A*AA.
2018Graduated from The University of Melbourne with Bachelor of Science (majored in Chemical Systems).
2023Graduated from The University of Melbourne with Master of Information Technology (majored in Computing).
2023For the last semester of my Masters degree, I spent the last semester of my degree on exchange at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC), one of the best computer science universities in America.

I ♥

  • Languages: I speak native English, B2 Mandarin Chinese, and B1 Spanish! 🗣️
  • Making music 🎵
  • Playing soccer ⚽
  • Learning new technologies! 💻

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